June 16, 2019

Hi! Glad you found your way to this post!

Let’s get started with our introductory blog post, shall we?

What this Blog is About

As the blog’s name already indicates, the goal for the articles is to be mainly about entrepreneurship as a (software) developer. The posts will roughly follow my own journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Which means that we will most likely start out with articles about beginner knowledge, resources and challenges specific to beginners. My goal here is also to cover thoughts and personal aspects which arise from this journey.

About Me

About ten years ago I started my journey as a software engineer by enrolling in the university’s computer science program. Without any previous programming experience it was sometimes a rough journey, but never one which I regretted.

While studying I started working as a software engineer at a smallish company (about 15 people in total), and later on I started working at my current company. Here I work on a platform that is used by millions of users.

However the one thing I always valued most is freedom. This is exactly why I want to start my own company.

Motivation and Hope for Doing This

During the last months I devoured tons of materials about becoming and entrepreneur. Some of these resources had quite a lot of useful information in them and I’ll definitely come back to them in this blog. However I couldn’t find anything specific to developers. Something that would tell me how to start from zero. How to make the first step.

It’s also really hard to find any resources on how becoming an entrepreneur as a developer changed people’s lifes from a personal perspective.

Hopefully this blog will provide a resource for others, like me, in the future.

My personal hopes by doing this are to gain additional motivation to take the journey, to learn by teaching and to improve as a developer and a human being.

Thank you for reading this, hope to see you again ;)

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