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Add categories and dynamically create category pages in a gatsby blog

Categories: development October 19, 2019

How to create category pages in gatsby using frontmatter fields and the createPage functionality of gatsby.

Securely setting the owner of an object in firebase

Categories: development September 29, 2019

A Firebase Realtime Database is a useful tool for many projects. It can however be difficult to securely set the owner of an object. In this article we will have a look at a real world example that I was missing in the documentation.

Adding Google OAuth to Django

Categories: development python September 21, 2019

How add a Google login button to your django login.

Adding hot reloading for golang development

Categories: development go December 21, 2019

Hot reloading is a convenient feature many of us don't want to miss during development. In this post we're going to have a look at how we…

Why to unit test your code

Categories: development September 07, 2019

Software Testing is an important step in the process of software development. Having a well tested system does not only reduce the chance of having errors in the application, but can also lead to better software design and more maintainable code. In this article we want to have a look at the Why of unit testing..

API Gateway vs Backend For Frontend

Categories: development microservices August 31, 2019

A comparison of the API Gateway and the Backend For Frontend (BFF) pattern. The API Gateway is a single point of entry into the system for all clients, while a BFF is only responsible for a single type of client. To choose between those patterns we need to consider several factors...

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